Blood, Sweat & Payback by Wahida Clark

The highly anticipated final installment in the Queen’s best-selling Payback series. Your favorites are back and everyone is fueled by fire and seeking the ultimate revenge.

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Empire Coming This Fall from Ashley & JaQuavis

From New York Times Best-selling duo comes the most epic war tale to ever hit the streets of New York.All it takes is one truth to crumble an entire empire....

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K’wan Returns this Fall with Animal III

After making a promise to leave the street life behind, a shocking revelation forces Animal back into the game to face his greatest opponent yet.

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Untitled - Payback 4 by Wahida Clark

Untitled - Payback 4

by Wahida Clark

Giveaway ends April 22, 2014.

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In Stores Today #BloodSweatandPayback from Wahida Clark!

Four-time New York Times bestselling author WAHIDA CLARK delivers the final chapter from her “Payback” series BLOOD, SWEAT & PAYBACK In stores today from Cash Money Content Books! FOUR-time New York Times bestselling urban fiction author Wahida Clark delivers the final chapter to her “Payback” series, Blood, Sweat & Payback, on April 22, from Cash [...]

Wahida Clark Tour Dates

    Join #TheQueenOfStreetLit @WahidaClark on tour this Spring! Wahida will be promoting her new book – Blood, Sweat & Payback in the following Cities.                 Bowie, MD 8:00 PM  Monday, April 21 Meet Me Monday @ The Half Note Lounge 4881 Glendale Rd, Bowie, MD   Dallas, [...]

#Payback Read-A-Thon Week #3 Question!

  #PAYBACKREADATHON Week #3 Question is now available! What was it about Briggen that allowed him to have such control over the ladies in his life? Who meant the most to him and why? Email your video response to – for a chance to be this weeks winner!  

#PaybackReadAThon Week #2 Question is Ready!

WHAT CHARACTER KILLED THEIR MENTOR AND THEN WENT ON A VENGEFUL KILLING SPREE? Answer these questions to win this week… Who was this Character Who was his mentor How did he kill him and why What happened next?

#PaybackReadAThon Week#1 Question!

In Book 1 – The Queen introduced us to a notoriously dangerous street thug known to go both ways. This devious character was hellbent on spreading the love even though one night with him could mean imminent death. Who was this character and what was his weapon of choice? Complete a video response and email [...]

5 Weeks to Blood, Sweat & Payback!


Best selling Authors Jackie Collins & Wahida Clark on Conversations LIVE

Bestselling authors Jackie Collins & Wahida Clark on Conversations LIVE On Tuesday, February 4, 2014 Conversations LIVE hosted a historic literary event on the airwaves—and tens of thousands tuned in for the once-in-a-lifetime interview. New York Times bestselling authors Jackie Collins and Wahida Clark joined Mississippi native and host Cyrus Webb for the first time [...]

Wahida Clark #BloodSweatPayback

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