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Best selling Authors Jackie Collins & Wahida Clark on Conversations LIVE

Bestselling authors Jackie Collins & Wahida Clark on Conversations LIVE

On Tuesday, February 4, 2014 Conversations LIVE hosted a historic literary event on the airwaves—and tens of thousands tuned in for the once-in-a-lifetime interview.
New York Times bestselling authors Jackie Collins and Wahida Clark joined Mississippi native and host Cyrus Webb for the first time EVER together on the air to discuss their diverse audiences, how they have thrived in their careers and to discuss their latest releases.

Collins is celebrating the release of her 30th novel CONFESSIONS OF A WILDCHILD—a book that is already being adapted into a movie–while Clark is preparing for the release of her new book BLOOD, SWEAT AND PAYBACK.

“What a humbling experience this was for the show and me,” says Webb, 38. “I am fan of both of these ladies, and to bring them together for this special interview was something I will always reflect upon as a highlight of the show.” Webb has hosted Conversations LIVE on the radio dial and online for the past 10 year, bringing in millions of listeners to the platform.